Barrel Valley Cockers

Tommy is at limited stud to approved bitches. He
produces his quality in black, black/tan, brown
and brown/tan.  He does not produce buff or

CH Lurola's Last Issue
CH Lurola's Edward P.
Piner's The Brat
A/C CH Bleumoon's Hershel P. Jangles
Special-T Nestle Quick
Jangle's Tokarra
G-Bo's Bandita
A/C Int. CH Bleumoon's Just One Time
Am/Mex CH Frandee's Forgery
CH Glen Arden's Real McCoy
Glen Arden's Molly McGee
San Jo's Encore
CH Pineshadows Persuader
Brynwood's Happy Hellion
Brynwood's Cubby's Kid
CH Barrel Valley Ransom, CGC
Barrel Valley Buzz Bombe, CGC, TDI
Barrel Valley Demon Lover, CGC, TDI
Barrel Valley Love Maker
CH Barrel Valley Lethal Weapon, CGC, TDI
CH Tamra's Top Gun
Devere's Lead Me On
CH Sta-Mar's All Together
Barrel Valley Medley Relay
CH Lorli's Kidder's KoKo Kid CD
Sta-Mar's Mozart
Carden's Custom Maid
Barrel Valley Concerto
CH J- An's Jo-Set Mischief Maker
Jo-Set's Brown and Brassy
Turff's Rainbow Brite

Sire of : 6 champions so far!
Justin, Ch Barrel Valley Just In Time, CGC (group placing from bred-by)
Bull, Ch Barrel Valley Just A Dream
Wynnie, Ch Barrel Valley What Women Want, CGC, TDI
Seren, Ch Barrel Valley Serendipity (finished from bred-by)
Teri, Ch Barrel Valley Temperance
Honor, Ch Barrel Valley On Maroxy's Honor (finished owner handled!)

Rocky, Barrel Valley Chicken Run
Tori, Barrel Valley Tolerance (9 points)
Zaboo, Barrel Valley Zaboomafoo
Polly, Barrel Valley Gallopoli
Keri, CanalSide Wind Walker
CanalSide Petite Noir (pointed)
Regis The Egregious BarVal (pointed with Junior)
Barrel Valley I'm Like A Bird (pointed)
Riot, Barrel Valley The Patriot (pointed)
Barrel Valley Chicken Soup

Some pictures of Tommy's puppies.
Ch Barrel Valley Just A Dream & Barrel Valley Tolerance
Ch Barrel Valley Just In Time, CGC
Ch Barrel Valley What Women Want, CGC, TDI