Sta-Mar's Mozart

Ch Windridge Chocolate Comment
Windridge Chocolate Java
Windridge Chocolate Cha Cha
Ch Lorli's Kitty's Kid
Ch Shannondale Safari
Ch Lorli's Miss Kitty
Lorli's Winona
Ch Lorli's Kidder's Ko Ko Kid, CD
Ch Rinky Dink's Sir Lancelot
Ch Pineshadow's Persuader
Ch Pineshadow's Pokrastanator
Ragamuffin M and M Bar
Ch BeGay's Conway D. Hershey
BeGay's Hilari L. Hershey
BeGay's Nomi T. Hershey
Sta-Mar's Mozart
BeGay's Kartcher C Hershey
Ch Castletop's Hot Fudge
BeGay's Nomi T. Hershey
Can Ch Chatosa's Five Card Stud
Ch Hey Jud's Doctor Jay
Hey Jude's Double Fudge Sundae
Hey Jude's Jus Suzie
Carden's Custom Maid
Ch Jus-Us Julius Ceasar
Carden's Knight Of Olympia
Carden's Carbon Copy
Can Ch Carden's Moon Spinner
Ch Windridge Chocolate Comment
Jus-Us Creme de Cacao
BeGay's Daffy D. Hershey

Sire of:
Little Girl, Barrel Valley Concerto
Sonata, Barrel Valley Sonata