Barrel Valley Cockers

Barrel Valley Concerto,
"Little Girl"


Windridge Chocolate Java
Ch Lorli's Kitty's Kid
Ch Lorli's Miss Kitty
Ch Lorli's Kidder's Ko Ko Kid, CD
Ch Pineshadow's Persuader
Ragamuffin M and M Bar
BeGay's Hilari L. Hershey
Sta-Mar's Mozart
Ch Castletop's Hot Fudge
Can Ch Chatosa's Five Card Stud
Hey Jude's Double Fudge Sundae
Carden's Custom Maid
Carden's Knight Of Olympia
Can Ch Carden's Moon Spinner
Jus-Us Creme de Cacao
Barrel Valley Concerto (brown)
Ch Pineshadow Persuader
Ch Cricket Hill's Godfather
Rinky Dink's Cricket Hill Joy
Ch Seahour Cordovan Pioneer
Ken-K's Plain Brown Wrapper
Bard's Ken-K's Witches Brew
Jo-Set's Brown and Brassy
Lurolet's Mahogany Maverick
Bi-Nan's A and W Root-beer
Idlewild's Lil Swiss Miss
Turff's Rainbow Brite
Idlewild's Turff's Ted-E-Bear
Turff's Tako Koffee 'n Kreme
Turff's Kako Tanysil

Dam of:
Quinn, Barrel Valley Mighty Quinn
Viva, Barrel Valley Viva La Pasa
Trashy, Barrel Valley Street Walker
Medley, Barrel Valley Medley Relay
Tonya, Barrel Valley Get Ahead, CGC, TDI