Barrel Valley Cockers

Jo-Set's Brown And Brassy
7/4/86-placed 1993

Ch Rinky Dink's Sir Lancelot (b/t)
Ch Pineshadow Persuader (b/t)
Ch pineshadows Pokrastanator (bl)
Ch Cricket Hill's Godfather (b/t)
Ch Rinky Dink's Sir Lancelot (b/t)
Rinky Dink's Cricket Hill Joy (bl)
Ch Artru I'm A Rinky Dink (bl)
Seahour Hershey Van Gaurd (br)
Ch Seahour Cordovan Pioneer (br)
Seahour Spring Breeze (bl)
Ken-K's Plain Brown Wrapper (br)
Ch Bleuaire's Billy Jack (bl)
Bard's Ken-K's Witches Brew (b/t)
Baliwick's Better Witch Trap (br/t)
Jo-Set's Brown and Brassy
Lurolet's Mahogany Maverick
Bi-Nan's A and W Root-beer
Idlewild's Lil Swiss Miss
Turff's Rainbow Brite
Idlewild's Turff's Ted-E-Bear
Turff's Tako Koffee 'n Kreme
Turff's Kako Tanysil

Dam of:
Little Girl, Barrel Valley Concerto
Her get is pictured below.