Barrel Valley Belly Dancer
Ch Rinky Dink's Sir Lancelot (b/t)
Ch Pineshadow Persuader (b/t)
Ch pineshadows Pokrastanator (bl)
Ch Cricket Hill's Godfather (b/t)
Ch Rinky Dink's Sir Lancelot (b/t)
Rinky Dink's Cricket Hill Joy (bl)
Ch Artru I'm A Rinky Dink (bl)
Seahour Hershey Van Gaurd (br)
Ch Seahour Cordovan Pioneer (br)
Seahour Spring Breeze (bl)
Ken-K's Plain Brown Wrapper (br)
Ch Bleuaire's Billy Jack (bl)
Bard's Ken-K's Witches Brew (b/t)
Baliwick's Better Witch Trap (br/t)
Barrel Valley Belly Dancer (br)
Ch BeGay's Archie B. Hershey
Ch BeGay's Conway D Hershey
BeGay's Condoro Carmel
Ch BeGay's Carmello F. Hershey
Ch BeGay's Harry Hershey
BeGay's Nomi T. Hershey
BeGay's Zoe T. Hershey
Ch BarMar's Country Dream
Ch Windy Hill's Makes A Point
Ch Calypso's Double Delight
Ch Windy Hill's Delight Of Calypso
Ch BarMar's Midnight Martini
Ch Hazelwood's Nick O' Tan
Birchwood Black Velvet
Ch Birchwood Bleusette
Idlewild BarVal Cadbury (br)
Am/Can Ch Castletop's Hot Fudge
Am/Can Ch MyWay's Benson, CD
Idlewild's Extri Special
Penneycreek's Crackerjack
Am/Can Ch Castletop's Hot Fudge
Penneycreeks CremeSoda
Penneycreek's Triple Treat
MyWay's Twist Of Fate
Am/Can Ch Castletop's Hot Fudge
Ch Pennycreek Pizzaz
Penneycreek's Triple Treat
MyWay's Endless Love
Idlewild's Extri Ordinary (br/tri)
Idlewild's Extri Special
Idlewild's Archway Cookie (bl)